Can Tarmacadam Driveways be Repaired?

Tarmac driveway Meath 4


Tarmac driveway Meath 4

When it comes to driveway surfaces, tarmacadam or tarmac is one of the most popular choices in Ireland. This is not surprising as tarmacadam driveways are affordable yet durable.

The cost of a tarmac driveway in Dublin is just around €50 to €100 per square metre. This driveway can already last up to two decades.

Its ability to withstand extreme weather and heavy loads is undeniably one of the reasons for its longevity. But how it is installed also impacts the life span of a tarmac driveway.

While tarmac drives are hard-wearing, they are just like other drives in that they can get damaged. Moreover, they are not immune to wear and tear. So, they will naturally look worn over time.

What Can Damage Tarmacadam Driveways?

The number one enemy of tarmac driveways is an oil spill. A few drops of gasoline, petrol or diesel won’t drastically affect it. However, it is a different story if the fuel leak happens repeatedly or if the spill involves a large amount of oil.

An oil spill can dissolve the tarmac, resulting in cracks and holes. Moreover, it can significantly weaken the base of the driveway.

Tarmac also degrades when exposed to ultraviolet light. It may hold up well to the scorching heat, but prolonged exposure to UV lights can cause the drive’s surface colour to fade.

Moreover, it softens and loosens the aggregate. When this happens, the driveway easily gets damaged. It loses its ability to withstand heavy weights.

Even weeds and grasses that are seemingly harmless can damage your tarmac drive. They can grow through the tarmac and cause cracks on the material.

Can You Repair Tarmacadam Driveways?

Clearly, like all other types of driveways, those made of tarmac can develop cracks, potholes and other damages. Fortunately, these issues can be remedied easily as long as they are addressed early.

Furthermore, unlike those made of concrete, tarmac driveways are not expensive to repair. With concrete driveways, it is often costlier to fix them than to replace them.

To be clear:

After patching holes and cracks, your tarmac driveway will not look good as new. The patchworks will be evident, which can decrease your drive’s aesthetic appeal.

Don’t fret, though, as they will become less noticeable after several weeks or months. They will eventually meld with the surrounding surface due to the passage of time and the effects of weathering.

Another thing to keep in mind:

Repairing a tarmac driveway is not advisable if the damage is already severe. Hence, an inspection should be done first before taking any action.

When the foundation has deteriorated or the surface is in disrepair, a tarmac driveway replacement is the best option.

On the other hand, resurfacing is recommended when the foundation is still intact, but the surface is peppered with holes or cracks. This type of repair involves adding a brand new coating over the old layer.

Professional Tarmac Driveway Repair Services in Dublin

But while fixing damages on a tarmac drive is easy, do not think that it is a job you should take on. Tarmac repairs should be entrusted to professionals and not amateurs.

Without the know-how and equipment, repairing a tarmac driveway can be a complex and tedious task. Many DIYers commit mistakes, resulting in sloppy repairs.

For example, they end up pouring the cold pour material or hot tarmac directly on top of the damaged area without cutting out the damaged part. This only temporarily hides the damage. In just a matter of days or weeks, you can expect the problem to resurface again.

These errors result in lost time and resources. In some cases, the mistakes exacerbate the problem, and the owners end up spending more to rectify them.

Tarmac specialists in Ireland know precisely what needs to be done. You can trust them to use the right materials and employ the best techniques. You can count on them to finish the job quickly but still deliver top-notch repair work that lasts many years.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Tarmacadam Driveways?

Tarmac driveway repair costs vary depending on the issue or damage that needs to be fixed. But they are cheaper than replacing the drive.

In Dublin, resurfacing a tarmac driveway costs anywhere between €9 to €18 per square metre. For a 30-square-metre driveway, expect to spend around €2,800 to €5,300.

Remember, just like the cost of installing a new tarmac driveway, repair prices are affected by various factors such as the condition of the drive, location, season and materials. Hence, it can be challenging to come up with an accurate quote when these pertinent details are not available.

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How Much Does a Tar and Chip Driveway Cost in Dublin?

Tar and Chip Driveways Ireland

Tar and Chip Driveways Ireland

Are you looking to renovate your driveway in Dublin? Maybe you are looking at different material options and thinking, why are they so expensive? Luckily, there is an option that is durable, resilient, less expensive and looks great. Have you heard about a tar and chip driveway?

What Is a Tar and Chip Driveway?

One of the most significant advantages of using tar and chip for your driveway is that it is quick to set up. This can be especially important if you have a home business. During your driveway installation, you can’t receive clients. The longer this takes, the more money you are losing. Hence, having your driveway installed quickly is saving you money.

 The installation process is generally uncomplicated as the material can be applied directly on the surface without any preparation or digging. The secret is in the hot tar sprayed on the surface which is then covered by gravel.

The result looks similar to a gravel driveway with one major difference: it’s more stable. The loose stones used on a gravel driveway stay in place because of the friction between the rocks. But apply too much pressure or water, and they will be washed away.

The bottom layer of gravel or chipping in tar and chip driveways is glued to hot bitumen. Hence, it will retain its shape for much longer. Additionally, because of the loose upper gravel layer, your driveway will look more natural.

The ease of installation is not the only reason why you should go for this paving material. The minimal upkeep required for this kind of driveway is another thing you should consider. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to keep a tar and chip driveway pristine.

Lastly, a tar and chip driveway is a good option if you are budget-conscious. Installing and maintaining it is easy on the pocket.

The Cost of Installing a Tar and Chip Driveway

The overall cost of any driveway is very hard to predict. It’s because the price varies depending on certain factors such as the type of material used. However, on average, tar and chip driveways cost around €25 per square metre.

One of the top factors that affect tar and chip driveway cost is size— basically, the longer or wider the drive you want to build, the higher your expense.

Some would argue that installing a tar and chip drive is slightly more expensive than other types. One reason for this is that several pieces of specialised equipment are needed to build this driveway.

Still, you will significantly spend less when you use tar and chip compared to other paving materials like tarmac and concrete.

Let’s take the case of a tarmac driveway which costs €50 per square metre on average. This means that you will save around €25 per square when you choose tar and chip over tarmac.

Aside from the size of the driveway, the amount of prep work needed can also affect the cost of a tar and chip drive. Again, you will spend more if the area requires a lot of work such as removing existing structures and plants.

Avoid DIY, Hire a Tar and Chip Driveway Contractor

One of the biggest misconceptions about driveways in general, especially with gravel and tar and chip, is that anyone, even homeowners themselves, can install them. While installing a tar and chip is easy, it doesn’t mean you can or should do it yourself.

Installation still involves handling hot bitumen, properly managing and storing materials, and perfectly levelling your driveway. What often happens is that homeowners think they can do it themselves and end up unhappy with the result. Then you call professionals to fix it. In the end, the whole process costs you more money, time and unnecessary stress.

What you should do from the start is hire trusted contractors. With this decision, you ensure getting a pristine and durable driveway and, at the same time, avoid wasting time and money.

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The Best Gravel for a Driveway in Dublin

Gravel Driveway Wicklow 3

Gravel Driveway Wicklow 3

Driveways are an essential part of any property, be it a house or a commercial building. They serve several important functions such as an entrance, access road and parking space, to name but a few. For these reasons, it is crucial to ensure that careful thought and proper execution are given to the construction of driveways.

One popular type of driveway you should consider getting is a gravel driveway. Gravel is a material that can help you achieve a beautiful and long-lasting driveway without breaking the bank.

If you decide to use gravel, you should know that this paving material has different types. The classification is primarily based on the size of the particles.

Before discussing the best gravel for a driveway in Dublin, let’s talk about how it is built.

How Are the Best Gravel Driveways Constructed?

Basically, a high-quality gravel driveway is constructed in layers. Normally, it is composed of at least three layers, and each layer is made up of stones of different sizes.

In case you didn’t know:

Gravel is a collection of loose or crushed rock fragments.

The bottommost part or the sub-based layer consists of large stones. The middle part, called the base layer, is made up of medium-sized stones. Lastly, the topmost layer, referred to as the surfacing layer, consists of small stones.

Why are stones of different sizes used per layer? This method of construction makes it possible to have a smooth transition from one layer to another and consequently, form a solid foundation. Using different sizes of stones on each layer also makes the driveway permeable, allowing water to seep through easily.

Best Types of Gravel for a Driveway

Now, let’s talk about the various types of gravel used on the surfacing layer. What you have to keep in mind is that the material you pick for this layer determines the appearance of your drive, specifically the colour and texture.

Marble Chips

This option is a popular choice amongst property owners who want an elegant driveway.  When the sunlight hits the chips, they glisten which adds a unique visual element to the drive.

Marble chips can hold their temperature better than the other options. As an added benefit, they can help keep your driveway cool.

The downside though is that using it for the surfacing layer may significantly increase the cost of your gravel driveway. Admittedly, this type of material is significantly more expensive than other types of gravel.

Pea Gravel

Composed of smooth, rounded and naturally weathered stones, pea gravel comes in different colours. For your driveway, you can opt for a single colour variation or a multicoloured one.

As it is available in an array of colours, this option makes it easier for you to complement the design of your property.

Since the stones that make up pea gravel are rounded, they do not lock together. Hence, when vehicles drive over them, they are more likely to move and even get displaced out of the driveway unless there is something that holds it in place like a border or edging.

Ballylusk Chippings

One of the widely used gravel driveway surfacing material in Dublin is Ballylusk chippings. Quarried in county Wicklow, this stone features a warm colour and firm texture. Its golden cream or yellowish hue can give your property that spark of colour it needs to stand out and turn heads.

In addition, it stays in place when driven over, so you would not have to worry about having displaced stones.

Crusher Run

Also referred to as quarry process stone, this type of gravel is made up of smaller crushed stones and stone dust.

A distinct advantage of this combination of stones and stone dust is its ability to bond well together. In fact, the dust seeps into the gaps between the gravel and the compacts, resulting in a smooth and semisolid surface.

Using this type of gravel may require additional work though as you may need to crown your driveway. Completing this task is necessary to prevent rainwater from accumulating and minimise damage to the vehicle.

So, which type should you use for your driveway in your Dublin home? It largely depends on various factors such as the look you want to achieve and your budget. To make an informed decision, talk to a trusted paving contractor.

Are you looking for the best gravel for your driveway? We have experienced driveway pavers who can give expert advice and build high-quality drives. Visit our website now or call us on (01) 4851582 | 0852139591 to get a free quote!

How to Hire the Right Contractors for Driveways in Meath

How to Hire the Right Contractors for Driveways in Meath

Let’s be honest – building a driveway is not easy. This is not one of those home improvement projects that you should DIY.

For one, depending on the material you use, you need special equipment to complete your drive. You should also have extra sets of hands if you wish to finish quickly as this job is not designed for one person. More importantly, you need to have the know-how and skills to build a beautiful and durable driveway.

Suffice to say, building a driveway is too complicated that you’d lose a lot of time if you choose to DIY it. Furthermore, if you end up with a low-quality drive, you’ll have to frequently spend on repairs which may eventually cost more than what you actually saved by DIY-ing your driveway.

Ultimately, if you truly want to save time and money, let professionals do this project. But of course, you have to ensure that you hire one of the best contractors for driveways in Meath.

What It Means to Hire the Right Contractors for Driveways

Hiring the right driveway pavers means getting professionals who have the qualifications needed in this type of home improvement project. For one, they should have gotten driveway paving training. Also, they should be experienced in building drives using different surfacing solutions.

As each paving material is different, training and experience are crucial to building beautiful and long-lasting drives – whether they are made of gravel, tarmac or concrete. The know-how and skills needed to build high-quality drives can only be acquired through formal and hands-on training and honed over time as one does several projects.

With the right paving contractor, you can also look forward to the project being hassle-free from beginning to end.

You can expect regular updates and prompt responses to your queries. You can also trust them to complete the project on time – one of the biggest benefits of hiring pros. In case there is a delay in the completion of your drive, your contractor is going to inform you about it early on.

Choosing the right people for the job eliminates worries of getting a low-quality drive or worse, the drive not getting completed at all. It’s all about getting what you truly paid for or even more.

Tips on Hiring the Right Contractors for Driveways

Create a Shortlist of Driveway Pavers

First, come up with a list of driveway pavers in Meath. Ideally, you should have at least three to five contractors to choose from.

To create the list, ask for suggestions from people you know. You can also do a quick search online via Google and other search engines. From the search results, go through each one of them and pick out those you think can build the drive you need.

Learn More About the Contractors

Leverage the Internet and gather more information about the contractors on your list. Some of the things you should look for are the services they offer, prices/fees and their reputation.

Apart from viewing their website, you should also visit their social media pages and Google My Business profile. Here, you’ll find testimonials from clients which can help you determine the contractor’s quality of service.

Interview the Contractors

Your Internet research is surely going to yield a lot of useful data. While you can already decide which company to hire based on this information, it is best if you interview the contractors first. Talking to them is a good way to gather additional details and get answers to questions you may still have.

For one, you’d get a clearer idea of how much you’d spend on the project. You can also assess the quality of their work by requesting their portfolio. Furthermore, you’d be able to determine if the contractor is easy to work with based on how they interact with you during the interview.

After talking to all the contractors on your shortlist, you can already choose which one to hire.

One thing you should keep in mind when choosing a contractor is to not put too much weight on the rates or fees. To be precise, don’t pick a contractor just because they are offering the lowest price.

If you want an impressive and durable drive, then put a premium on the contractor’s quality of service instead. They may not have the lowest rates, but you can be certain that every penny you spend on them is going to be worth it.

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How Much Does It Cost to Pave a Driveway in Meath?

How Much Does It Cost to Pave a Driveway in Meath

How Much Does It Cost to Pave a Driveway in Meath

A driveway is an essential part of your home’s exterior. More than just providing a safe space for you to park your vehicle, it is an important component of your kerb appeal and impacts your home’s overall aesthetics.

But how much does it cost to pave a driveway in Meath? We know that price is an important consideration when it comes to home improvement projects. So, we’ve put together a guide you can use to determine how much you need to build a drive.

Cost to Pave a Driveway in Meath: Factors You Should Consider


A significant chunk of driveway expense goes to materials. This means that you are going to spend more if you choose high-priced surfacing solutions.

If you are on a budget, two types of paving materials you should consider are tarmac or tarmacadam and gravel. These two are affordable, making them a favourite amongst property owners who want an excellent and durable drive without breaking the bank.

Meanwhile, concrete and pavers are on the expensive end of the spectrum. These are very versatile materials as they come in various colours and textures. With these surfacing solutions, creating a unique look or achieving the design you want is easy.


Aside from materials, another crucial factor that affects driveway cost in Meath is size. How big or how long it is has an effect on how much materials and work are needed.

Basically, wider and/longer driveways cost more because building them requires more materials and work. This is precisely the reason why tarmac is widely used in commercial driveways and parking spaces. Using this affordable material in paving large surfaces lets property owners significantly cut down on their expense.

Labour Fees

Naturally, if you intend to DIY your driveway, then you do not have to spend on labour fees. This can be enticing as you’d think about the money you’d save. Be aware though that this is not an easy project. Moreover, you might end up spending more if you fail to build your drive properly.

A poorly-built drive easily gets damaged which means that you’d be spending a lot on repair. Furthermore, its lifespan is typically shorter, so you’ll have to repave your drive or build a new one sooner than expected.

Now, if you decide to hire a professional driveway paving company, then you’d have to factor in labour fees. How much you’ll have to pay depends on several factors like how much prep work is needed and how experienced the pavers are.

How to Know the Exact Cost to Pave a Driveway in Meath

With all these different factors, it can be said that driveway price is not the same for all properties. Moreover, it can be difficult to come up with an estimate without consulting experts.

The best way to know how much you’d exactly spend is to contact a driveway paving company in Meath. Many professional pavers give free, no-obligation quotes. This means that you don’t have to spend to get one or feel obliged to get the services of the company.

Take note:

Reputable service providers do not send you a quote without gathering pertinent information about your property.

Remember, calculating the actual cost of the project means taking into consideration all the factors mentioned above. This is exactly what trusted pavers do. They interview property owners like you to get the data they need to create the quote.

One great thing about requesting for quotes these days is that it can be done online. Just visit the website of the paving company and click on ‘quick quote’ or other similar buttons. Alternatively, you can leave a message on their website. For as long as you’re dealing with a reputable company, you can expect an immediate reply – around 24 hours or less.

Want to know how much it would cost to pave a driveway in Meath? Visit our website now or call us on (01) 4851582 | 0852139591 to get a free quote!

What Questions Should You Ask Tarmacadam Contractors?

Tarmac Driveway Dublin

Tarmac Driveway Dublin

Do you currently have a tarmacadam driveway that needs to be repaired? Or do you want to have a new one installed? In any of these situations, you must find a reputable tarmacadam contractor in Dublin for the repair, restoration or installation of your tarmacadam driveway.

When looking for a reputable tarmacadam contractor, don’t merely rely on the results of an online search or the referrals of someone you know. You should do your due diligence and screen all your potential contractors regardless of where you found them.

The Importance of Background Checks on Tarmacadam Contractors

Why do you need to do your due diligence on potential contractors? It’s primarily to protect yourself from unscrupulous people and to ensure that you get a high-quality driveway.

You see, there are numerous stories about property owners having bad experiences with their driveway installers.

There are accounts about contractors who require an advance payment but then the work is abandoned prematurely and never finished. A number of those who experienced this found out later on that the contractors they hired were not legitimate.

Other stories are about contractors who do substandard work. Clients are then forced to either have them re-do the job or hire another contractor to ensure that the driveway is finished to a high standard. Whatever solution is chosen in this situation will require more time and possibly even additional expenses.

A common pattern emerges by looking at these stories – these bad experiences happened due to the clients’ lack of due diligence. They failed to verify the capability and credibility of the contractors.

So, before hiring a tarmacadam contractor, it is highly recommended that you talk or interview them to better assess their capability and credibility.

Questions to Ask Tarmacadam Contractors

Remember that your objective is to determine if the potential contractor is a good match for what you need – the type you would want to work on your property. Below are 5 questions you should ask prospective contractors for your tarmac driveway. These questions would also be suitable to ask if you are hiring other type of contractors, such as painters and decorators.

1. How long has your company been in business?

The longevity of a company indicates a couple of things, two of them being experience and reliability.

If a contractor has been in business for several years already, then it means they have a lot of experience with tarmacadam driveways. You can trust them to have pavers who have mastered the techniques in installing professional-looking and durable tarmac drives.

Being in business for many years also shows reliability. They get repeat customers and gain new ones because they consistently deliver quality work and service.

2. Can you provide a detailed scope of work?

A specific and detailed scope of work will indicate what they will do for you and how much it would cost. As such, you would avoid any hidden or additional charges from your contractor.

3. Can you provide a timeline to complete the project? 

The timeline gives you a definitive start and end date for the project. It is also going to help you track the progress of the contractor.

Providing a project timeline shows the commitment of the paving company to transparency and finishing the project on time.

4. What challenges do you foresee?

An experienced contractor can foresee any possible challenges after inspecting the current state of your driveway. There might be some areas that need to be fixed and require more labour. This would result in an accurate tarmac driveway quotation of the work needed and equivalent costs.

5. What other similar projects have you done?

If you can check the contractor’s portfolio or other similar projects, you will see the quality of their work. This will make it easier for you to gauge if the scope of work and the corresponding price from the contractor is reasonable or too much.

Doing your due diligence is all about making sure that you hire the right tarmacadam contractors. By getting the right people, you minimise project-related stress, ensure a long-lasting driveway and avoid costly expenses.

Are you looking for tarmacadam contractors in Dublin? New Style Driveways is Dublin’s trusted driveway paving company! Our pavers are experienced in installing and restoring tarmac driveways. Call us now on (01) 4851582 or 0852139591 for a free quotation!

How Much Does Installing a Gravel Driveway Cost in Dublin?

Dublin Gravel Driveways

Dublin Gravel Driveways

When it comes to building or restoring a driveway, choosing a material is one of the most challenging parts. But if you are looking for something economical, gravel should be your top choice.

A gravel driveway is perfect if you have a limited budget as the material itself is among the cheapest in the market. In case you didn’t know, materials make up a significant percentage of the driveway installation cost. This is why it is highly recommended for long or wide driveways.

Despite its affordability, this kind of drive can last up to 100 years for as long as it is properly built and regularly maintained. Hence, a gravel driveway is considered cost-effective.

What You Should Know About Gravel Driveway Cost in Dublin

Like most property owners, you surely are asking this question – how much does installing a gravel driveway cost in Dublin? This is usually the first thing that property owners ask professional driveway installers.

Well, various factors affect the overall cost of a gravel driveway installation. So, it is impossible to determine the accurate amount without taking these things into consideration. But to give you an idea, a gravel driveway in Dublin costs around €45 to €65 per square metre.

The best way to find out exactly how much you’d spend is to talk to a reputable driveway paving contractor in Dublin.

Be in doubt though if the paver or paving company sends you a quote without asking you pertinent questions.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of a gravel driveway installation depends on various factors. Hence, a trusted paving contractor needs to gather sufficient information first to come up with an accurate quote.

What Factors Affect Gravel Driveway Cost in Dublin?

Size of the Area

The size of the driveway is one of the factors that has the biggest effect on the cost. Wider or longer drives require more materials and work, so they cost more.

Type of Gravel

It surprises a lot of people that there are different types of gravel for driveways – pea stone, crushed stone, road gravel, crushed limestone and marble chips, amongst others. They vary in terms of stone type, shape, size and texture. Some types of gravel are also available in various colours, making it easier for property owners to bring to life their design concept.

Prep Work Required

Installing a new driveway entails more prep work than restoring an old one. For one, the area needs to be cleared. So, a considerable amount of time (and labour) goes into removing existing structures, trees, boulders and the like. Plus, extensive excavation is also going to be done.

Meanwhile, if you are simply restoring your old drive, minimal prep work is required, especially if the contractor intends to just replace the top two layers.

However, if you are replacing an existing driveway that’s made of a different material (like asphalt) with gravel, then a lot of work needs to be done. This is why this type of project costs as much as installing a driveway for the first time.

Design of the Driveway

The look that you want to achieve also has an effect on the gravel driveway’s cost. Basically, the more intricate the design is, the higher your expense would be. Why? Complex designs typically require more materials and of course, expert paving skills.

In conclusion, it can be challenging to estimate on your own how much a gravel driveway installation would cost given the different factors you have to consider. But there is no need to fret as many paving contractors can give an accurate quote. You can even request one online if you want a hassle-free process.

Want to know how much does installing a gravel driveway cost in Dublin? Call us now on (01) 4851582 | 0852139591 or leave us a message on our website to get a free quotation!

Is Sealing a Tarmac Driveway Necessary?

New Style Driveways Dublin

New Style Driveways Dublin

Tarmac driveways are very popular amongst property owners in Ireland. The top reason for this is that it is cost-effective.

The overall cost of building it is cheaper as compared to other types of drives. But despite its low price, it is very durable – lasting up to 25 years with proper installation and regular maintenance.

When it comes to maintaining a tarmacadam driveway, one of the common questions property owners have is whether they have to periodically seal it or not.

So, should you? Yes, sealing your tarmac driveway should be part of your maintenance to-do list if you want your drive to last many years.

Importance of Sealing a Tarmac Driveway

Just like other types of drives, those made of tarmac degrades over the years. Exposure to various elements breaks down the binder that holds the aggregate together. The tarmac surface dries up and becomes brittle, making the surface prone to cracking.

When these cracks are not immediately fixed, water is going to penetrate the surface and cause more cracks and potholes. Eventually, the problem becomes more extensive, and the driveway breaks down.

Proper and regular maintenance is key to preventing tarmac driveways from deteriorating rapidly. If you fail to do this, you might end up repairing or even replacing your drive which can be expensive.

Applying a tarmac sealer is one of the most effective and cheapest ways of protecting a tarmacadam driveway from premature wear and tear.

To understand the importance of this process, you have to know what a tarmac sealer is. Sometimes referred to as a tarmac restorer or tarmac paint, it is an emulsion that combines liquid binder and stone aggregate. It is specially formulated to restore the colour of the driveway and more importantly, keep the tarmac surface weather resistant and flexible.

It works by reintroducing the lost protective resins of the structure. In a newly built tarmac drive, the resins play a key role in binding the stone aggregate together and protecting the drive from cracking and other damages.

Benefits of Sealing Your Tarmac Driveway

Using a high-quality sealer on your drive keeps the surface flexible, enabling it to bend when temperatures fluctuate. As mentioned earlier, when the surface becomes inflexible, it is going to be more susceptible to cracking.

Applying the sealer also gives the tarmac surface a water-resistant coating. This prevents water or moisture from seeping through the surface into the substrate and base.

Sealing your tarmacadam drive can improve surface friction which is essential in reducing fretting or loosening of the aggregate. It can also help restore your driveway’s colour, making it look good as new.

Tips on Sealing a Tarmac Driveway

To keep your tarmac driveway in tiptop condition and prolong its lifespan, ensure that you apply a sealer every 3-5 years. But if you notice that your drive’s colour is fading and more cracks are appearing, there is no need to wait for the 3 or 5-year mark.

Simply applying a tarmac driveway sealer is not enough though. The quality of the product you use matters.

You may be tempted to go for a cheap tarmac sealer to save money, but this decision can cost you more later on. While it may make your drive look good after it’s applied, a low-quality sealer won’t last long. In most cases, the coating quickly peels off, resulting in property owners resealing their drive sooner than expected.

Admittedly, choosing the best sealant is quite challenging as there are many options to choose from. Make sure you do your research before buying any product to avoid wasting your money.

Lastly, sealing your driveway is not as easy as it seems. It can be a time-consuming and laborious project. This is because you cannot proceed to apply the coating without addressing other existing issues like cracks and potholes. So, unless you have the know-how and time, it is best to let professionals do this task.

Thinking of sealing your tarmac driveway? We have qualified driveway pavers who are experienced in building and maintaining tarmacadam drives in Dublin. Call us now on (01) 4851582 | 0852139591 to get a free quotation!