Tarmac Contractors Dublin – Quality Driveways for Your Home

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Are you planning to have a new tarmac driveway for your home? With so many options available, it can be difficult to find the right tarmac contractor in Dublin. However, if you are looking for a quality job and someone who will work with you to create the best possible driveway for your home or business, then this guide will help you get started.

The best tarmac contractors in Dublin can give you top-quality driveways, patios and pathways at affordable prices. With a wide range of styles and textures to choose from, your home will stand out with the right paving.

What Tarmac Contractors in Dublin Recommend

Tarmac has been used for more than 100 years for developing roads and this is because it is a very strong and durable material. When it comes to driveways, tarmac provides a solid, low-maintenance surface that is resistant to frost, weed growth and water damage.  It also provides excellent drainage properties which prevent surface water from collecting on your driveway or patio area during heavy rainfall events

Tarmac is a durable and low-maintenance surface, which means you don’t have to worry about your driveway looking bad over time. The cost of such a tarmac driveway depends on many factors such as the size of the surface, and how much labour is needed to have the driveway completed. Tarmac contractors in Dublin can give you top-quality driveways at affordable prices.

Why Use Tarmac Contractors?

Tarmac contractors in Dublin are experts in their field, offering a wide range of services. Their experience means they can do the job right the first time and offer a reliable service. They are also affordable, flexible and will meet your needs.

It can be difficult to choose the right company because there are so many options available today and each one offers different services at various prices. It is important to do your due diligence when choosing the right tarmac contractor for you so that you will find the best fit for your home.

Learn more about your targeted tarmac contractor by checking their reviews online. You can also check with your friends and relatives if they’ve worked with a reliable tarmac contractor before. If there are contractors that seem like a good fit for you, you can ask them for a quotation so you can check if their rates within your budget. All you have to do is compare some quotes and pick a contractor based on feedback from previous clients.

If you are looking for tarmac contractors in Dublin for your driveway, then you should consider hiring a professional company that offers high-quality services at reasonable rates. Our team is available to answer your queries. Call us at (01) 4851582 | 0852139591 or click here to reach us!

Tarmac Driveways Cost Guide and Tips for Dublin Property Owners

Tarmac Driveway Completed in Laytown Louth

Tarmac Driveway Completed in Laytown Louth

A driveway is a key part of your home and can make it look more attractive to buyers. If you’re considering having a new driveway installed in Dublin, we have all the information you need to know about tarmac driveways in Dublin and how much they typically cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Pave Tarmac Driveways in Dublin?

In terms of cost, as compared to other types of driveways, tarmac driveways are somewhere in the middle. It’s more expensive than gravel but it’s much cheaper than block paving or concrete. So what is the average cost of a tarmac driveway in Ireland?

The cost of a tarmac driveway varies depending on the size of your property and how much work needs to be done. On the average, a tarmac driveway costs roughly €60 to €100 per square metre. This is inclusive of material costs and labour fees.

If you have a 60 square metre driveway, which is around the average size of driveways in Dublin, then the cost of tarmac driveway is around €3600 to €6000. You can get a more accurate estimate of the cost by contacting a professional driveway paving contractor and asking for a quote.

Choosing the Right Tarmac Driveway Contractor

Choosing the right tarmac driveway contractor for your project is crucial. You want to find a company whose experience and knowledge matches the scope of your project. This means they should have done several tarmac driveways in the past already.

You would also want to be certain that they’re going to do a good job and price it fairly. If you choose wisely, you’ll end up with a driveway or parking area that will last for decades through proper maintenance without needing repairs or resurfacing.

How Choose the Right Tarmac Driveway Contractor

To help ensure this outcome, here are some tips on how to choose a tarmac driveway contractor:

  • Ask your friends if they have worked with a driveway contractor before. If yes, ask them if they had a good experience with the contractor. If they did, request for the contractor’s contact details.
  • If your friends weren’t able to refer you to anyone, then you should look for one yourself. You can start by checking the internet to find contractors in your area.
  • After you find contractors online, check out the reviews and references they have on their website. You may also ask them for references directly. If people have used them before and were happy with their work, then they’ll most likely give you good results too!
  • Ask if they have any examples of previous work done in your area. This way, you can get an idea about what the quality of their work is.
  • With the earlier steps, you can already shortlist the best contractors based on their experience and quality of work. The last step is for you to request for a quote from them and choose the one which is well within your budget.

We hope this guide has given you some clarity on how to choose the right tarmac driveway for your property, but if you have any more questions, our team of experienced professionals are ready to answer them. Call us at (01) 4851582 | 0852139591 or click here to reach us!

Gravel or Tarmac Driveway: Which Is Best for Your Home?

Gravel or Tarmac Driveway: Which Is Best for Your Home

Gravel or Tarmac Driveway: Which Is Best for Your Home

Driveways are extremely important in our homes. Building a good driveway can boost the value of your property. When you start building your driveway in Ireland, you will usually choose between two options, gravel or tarmac. Each of these has its pros and cons that you must consider before making your choice. In this guide, we will look at both in detail.

Things to Consider When Choosing Gravel or Tarmac Driveway

Here are some factors you need to consider when picking between gravel or tarmac driveways:

  • Aesthetics
  • Impact on drainage
  • Price
  • Durability
  • How much maintenance would be needed?

Pros and Cons of Gravel Driveways


If one of your primary concerns is the cost of constructing the driveway, then you should go for gravel. This material is affordable, and the labour costs are usually much lower.

Another benefit of gravel driveways is that they are extremely tough. They can handle very heavy machinery and can stand everyday traffic. You also don’t need to worry about the material breaking as this can only create more gravel. If you are planning to drive industrial-grade vehicles on the driveway, this material would be ideal.

You should also note that these driveways require very little maintenance. Unlike tarmac, gravel cannot chip or crack, and it cannot develop potholes. On average, these driveways can last about 100 years. You can repair or replenish gravel driveways continually without having to spend a lot of money.


A notable disadvantage of gravel driveways is that they easily wash out as they are not held in place. You can reduce the effects of washout by tamping and packing the material, after which you can spray it down with water. If you live in a place that floods frequently, you should go for tarmac driveways. You can conduct a house survey to determine whether gravel would be suitable for your home.

Again, since gravel isn’t held in place, it will be constantly displaced by the weight of vehicles and equipment. At the same time, this material can easily wear your tires as it is rough on cars.

A final issue with gravel driveways is that they are not as pleasing on the eye. Tarmac tends to look better.

Pros and Cons of Tarmac Driveways


While tarmac will cost you more than gravel, you should remember that it is still an affordable material. The labour cost may be higher as it involves more work compared to gravel. You can contact a professional to see how much each type of driveway would cost.

When considering the cost of tarmac driveways, you should also keep in mind that it will boost the value of your home. Tarmac driveways are of great quality and will improve the appearance of your house.

Tarmac is also great for snow, ice, and rain. It can absorb the sun’s heat and will work well in cold places. At the same time, it is not prone to wash out like gravel.


While these driveways can be great for colder weather, they can be more prone to damage in hot weather. This is because extreme heat can make it malleable. This can especially be an issue if the driveway needs to handle heavy loads. This isn’t an issue in Ireland as our temperatures generally don’t reach high enough.

Tarmac driveways also require more maintenance compared to gravel ones. This is because it easily chips or develops potholes. You can extend the life of the driveway by applying a sealant to the surface. This sealant is meant to work as a barrier to elements that cause damage to the road. It is generally recommended that you apply the sealant a year after installing the driveway.


Tarmac and gravel are two of the most used materials for driveway construction in Ireland. When choosing between these two materials, you will have to consider the aesthetics, cost, durability, and level of maintenance required.

Are you thinking of installing a new driveway? If so, you should let our experienced driveway pavers build it. They can advise you on whether you should use gravel or tarmac. Contact us today on 0852139591 or request a quote on this page.

Driveway Cleaning Prices in Dublin – Facts Every Homeowner and Commercial Establishment Owner Should Know

Tarmac Driveway Cleaning

Tarmac Driveway Cleaning

Every property owner wants their home or commercial establishment to look inviting and well-maintained. Cleaning the driveway is a critical aspect of maintaining curb appeal. Keeping your driveway clean will enhance the value of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers in case you are looking to sell it in future. Moreover, a dirty and damaged driveway can become a breeding ground for mold, fungi, and other harmful pathogens. 

Property owners need to understand that they have to clean their driveways at regular intervals. They should hire professionals if they don’t know how to do this job themselves. In this guide, we will let you know about driveway cleaning prices in Dublin so that you can make an informed decision about this maintenance task for your property:

Driveway Cleaning Prices in Dublin – Why Do You Need to Clean Your Driveway?

There are numerous benefits of having a clean driveway. Here are some of the reasons why you should clean your driveway:

  • make it look great
  • keep it in good condition
  • ensure that it is safe
  • prevent damages
  • keep it from getting slippery
  • minimise dirt and mould

Cost of Driveway Cleaning

The average price to clean your driveway will depend on the size and condition of your driveway. It usually ranges from around €4 to €8 per square meter. If you want your 15 square meter driveway cleaned by professionals, expect to pay between €60 to €120. 

As mentioned above, prices may vary depending on the size, condition and even the material used on your driveway. Additional fees may also be added in case your driveway has several stains that require special attention during the cleaning process such as oil or tar stains that drip from your vehicle onto the driveway.

How Long Does It Take to Clean a Driveway?

In general, the answer to this question depends on three things: the size and condition of your driveway; what type of cleaning methods are used; and how much equipment is available. For example, if you want your entire driveway cleaned with our service (including top-to-bottom surface cleaning), This can be completed in about two or three hours. This includes removing any debris from cracks, picking up leaves and other debris from around curbs or other areas where they may collect throughout your property. The driveway cleaning company should ensure that these areas are completely free from any kind of clutter before they leave your premises.

Driveway Cleaning Frequency

You should schedule a professional driveway cleaning service every year to keep your property looking great. This is especially important if you live in an area that gets heavy traffic, like business or school areas.

When hiring a company to clean your driveway, make sure they use the proper equipment and materials. You should also look for reviews online before making your final decision, so you can get feedback from other homeowners who have used the company before.

Are you looking for a professional driveway cleaning company in Dublin? Call us at (01) 4851582 | 0852139591 or click here to contact us.